At Village we care very much about the health of our coworkers. Preparing for a safe return to work is now our priority. 
That's why we've organized some changes and new protocols to make it possible. The first, and this also makes us unique, is that we offer a free Covid-19 rapid test to all people who decide to become part of our community. 
In addition, in the area of hygiene and prevention, we ensure the most reliable work environment possible:
* We have separated and eliminated tables to gain more distance 
* The tables facing each other will be separated by screens. 
* We can also offer even more isolated tables. 
* We have more offices available.
* We distribute masks and gloves: all that is necessary. 
* We thoroughly disinfect the facilities and will continue to do so daily. 
* Disinfectant sprays and gels are available in the common areas. 
* And a disinfectant mat is available at the entrance. 
* An ultraviolet sterilizer box to disinfect mobile devices, mask or keys.
* Mail and parcels will be disinfected before delivery. 
* We offer a new Flex-Bonus rate so you can combine work at home with the Village. 
* And when you go home an ozone mist spray disinfects the entire space.
Do you have any suggestions? Let us know.

So far, and fortunately, we've been lucky that none of our coworkers have gotten sick. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the Village is an open space around a large interior patio, where we take great care of hygiene and safety in every corner.
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